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  proposes broadcasting procedure Microsoft Media Player.
  All films ONLY support Chinese Version!

  Intro of Youngsun Culture & Education Foundation

- The Forever Young Sun

Let's Make Life Shine - This film is offered by the Public Television Service

  The Films of Community Development

  The Homeland of Big Joss of God
  92 Community Development Point - Community Chengbei

  The Classmate Party of 13 Curves
92 Community Development Point - Community Chih Ke Shan

  The Crazy Camp of Provincial Highway No.9
Area 4 Community Development Center

  Let's Community Develop
Area 4 Community Development Center

  The Utopia of Back Mountain -
Community Development Point - Community Taiping

  The House of Yilan a.k.a. Yilan Cuo

Build Up - the first issue Yilan Cuo documentary film

  House of Love - the
second Yilan Cuo documentary film


Youngsun Culture & Education Foundation
address >> No.47, Ln. 68, Sianjheng 6th St., Yilan City, Yilan County 260, Taiwan
phone >> +886-3-9254-515   fax >> +886-3-9255-735 
email >> service@youngsun.org.tw