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Youngsun Chorus was founded in July 14th of 1997 under Youngsun Culture & Education
  Foundation, by a group of women that had a deep passion for chorus. Over these years the chorus
  was under serious instruction and each member devoted a lot for the purpose of increasing the
  standard level of the chorus and promoting the beauty of this music to the society. Their efforts led
  the chorus to attain success and perform very well among numerous competitions.

  Because Youngsun Chorus is concerned of the minority group in Taiwan, the show their love
  and affection by holding adventives activities to homes for the aged, orphan asylums, disability
  organizations, prisons, etc. Their activities are based on the presentation of their songs transmitting
  a meaning of care to those who needed it.


Youngsun Culture & Education Foundation
address >> No.47, Ln. 68, Sianjheng 6th St., Yilan City, Yilan County 260, Taiwan
phone >> +886-3-9254-515   fax >> +886-3-9255-735 
email >> service@youngsun.org.tw