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About Us

  Yilan, located in the Northeast of Taiwan, is surrounded by
  mountains and facing the ocean in the east. Its isolated
  geographical feature makes it an unique land of its own
  charisma and what is called the Land of Peach Blossoms,
  a rarity of Taiwan. [ more... ]

  The Friends of Youngsun

  Youngsun Culture & Education Foundation born and grow in
  the blue rising tone of the mountain, in the past it had an
  endless irrigation, causing us today to expect an oasis and
  its splendid colors. In this land that belongs to us, lets
  cultivate with our creativeness, imagination and enthusiasm,
  to build the homeland of Yilan. The declaration of
  Culture & Education Foundation homeland is: Welcome the
  coming of local era, the abundant resources of learning, to
  throw oneself into the community business, build the new
  society of Yilan, and to rebuild the traditions of Taiwan
  culture. [ more... ]


Youngsun Culture & Education Foundation
address >> No.47, Ln. 68, Sianjheng 6th St., Yilan City, Yilan County 260, Taiwan
phone >> +886-3-9254515   fax >> +886-3-9255735 
email >> service@youngsun.org.tw