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  The East Taiwan Community Development Center

The East Taiwan Community Development Center is geographically located on the eastern of Taiwan
  is comprised of three counties including Yilan, Hua-Lian and Taidong. Due to its inconvenience in
  geography, the East has long been called the Back Mountain region. Though with its privileged
  position of up facing the pacific ocean, the spectacular scenery and national reserves, yet to
  mention the diversity in culture and races, its relatively lack of development and poor performance
  of industrialization has caused the region great price in the loss of young labor, too, the low spirit
  of the community.

  Especially when Taiwan officially became the member of the W.T.O. in 2002, we are facing the era
  of free international trade, which implies the harsh conditions and challenges hitting Taiwanese
  traditional industries. Those first to face such disadvantageous tasks will be the aboriginals,
  farmers, and the fishermen, the residents from the East Taiwan.

  However, if looking from another point of view, thanks to the comparatively less active of
  industrialization, the East still till the day remains its primitive customs, affluent natural resources,
  and certainly its distinctive humanitarian characteristics. Under the trend of localization and the
  promotion of cultural commodity, what used to be called the out of date elements of the East,
  have now turned out to be the light of cultural preservation against the inevitably
  approaching globalization.

  To establish a community of great infrastructure, the essential elements include not only the
  geographical matters but the thorough plans of the community infrastructure. What needed to be
  focused is to apply systematic methods of training new talents in the community infrastructure.
  They will have to establish the spontaneity, the independence, and the confidence of the
  community. By doing so, they shall be competent in dealing with the external stimulations
  (visitors and resources) by having conversations, negotiating, and making decisions. This will help the
  members of the community grow from experience and this experience should add power to upgrade
  the infrastructure of the community, too. To improve the overall economy of the community.

  Through the cooperation with Fresh Climate Development Community, ANCC, Yi-Lan Museum
  Association, Yi-Lan Community University,
Fo Guang College of Humanities and Social Sciences.
  We wish  to openly recruit 15 participants for the community infrastructure plan to be in charge of
  the 3 subdivisions in Yilan, Hualian and Taidong. The establishment of the
Working Group on
  Indigenous Peoples
hopes to help overcome the current barrier of community development which
  Aboriginal group is facing. It hopes to initiate a model for the localization project and once the
  project is accomplished, the firm foundation of the region is set to from the East the new Land of
  Peach Blossom of Taiwan.


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