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  Yilan of Taiwan

  Yilan, located in the Northeast of Taiwan, is surrounded by mountains and facing the Pacific Ocean.
  Its isolated geographical feature makes it an unique land of its own charisma and what is called the
  Land of Peach Blossoms, a rarity of Taiwan.

  From the perspective of natural resources, the territory of Yilan is abundant with alpines, hills, plains,
  subsidiary islands, rivers, lakes, ocean, snow, cold spring, hot springs, geothermal power, and its
  richness in in ecology having with various of exotic species. If looking upon the human history, Yilan
  sees the rise and fall of races, too the waves of the Han immigrants. The development of Yilan
  symbolizes the evolution of Taiwan history. Especially under the efforts of the people in Yilan over
  the past 20 years, Yilan has become a soul homeland for Taiwan; it plays the role expanding hope for
  Taiwanese people.

  The Youngsun of Yilan

  In Ching Dynasty, there was a Youngsun Academy in Yilan, which played an essential role as the
  cradle to foster the talented ones, too, established the foundation of culture and education of Yilan.

  In March 31 1990, the magistrate of that time Mr.
Yu Shyi Kun unconditionally donated an amount of 4
  million NT. to form the Youngsun Culture and Education Foundation, for the purpose of
  continuing the generation of the Youngsun Academy.

  For over 10 years, the first president Dr. Chen Wu Fu along with the current president
Lee Tien Tsai, worked hard with their colleagues and partners with their deep love and
  passion for the native soil of Yilan.


Youngsun Culture & Education Foundation
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